A.C.Kelly - she's a slammer
Michael Cooper - just what i like
Walter Beasley - don't say goodbye
Will Downing - test of time
After 7 don't cha think
Bobby Brown - on your own
Alyson Williams - my love is so raw
The Chimes - true love
Alyson Williams - sleep talk
Alton Wokie Stewart - she's so cold
Atension - crazy 'bout you
Foster McElroy - dr.soul
By All Means - let's get it on
Guy - i like
Sharon Bryant - let go
The Gap Band - all of my love
Chill - cold fresh groove
Gerald Alston - i can't tell you why
Chill - body reaction
Alyson Williams - i need your lovin'
Robert Brookins - don't tease me
After 7 - can't stop
Babyface - tender lover
Babyface - my kinda girl
Peabo Bryson - show and tell
Rhonda Clark - state of attraction
Bobby Brown - don't be cruel
Bar-Kays - struck by you
Tyler Collins - watcha gonna do
Club Nouveau - under the nouveau groove
Will Downing - come together as
Abstrac - right and hype
Michael Cooper - should have been you
The Chimes - heaven
Sharon Bryant - body talk
After 7 - heat of the moment
Foster McElroy - gotta be a better way
Gerald Alston - you laid your love on me
Atension - let me push it to ya
The Controllers - temporary lovers
The Cover Girls - my heart skips a beat
Dina Carroll  - we are love
The Good Girls - your sweetness
Entouch - II hype
After 7 - my only woman
Roland Clark - ru ru
Constina - are you lonely tonight
Bobby Brown - every little step
Blue Magic - romeo and juliet
Desiree Coleman - to stay together
The Drama Club - don't break away
Will Clayton - tell me
Calloway - sir lancelot
Will Downing - come together as uk pressing
Deja - made to be together
Anne G - if she knew
Alyson Williams - not on the outside
Carlton - gatecrash
Alton Wokie Stewart - headache
Club Nouveau - no friend of mine
Lonnie Liston Smith - obsession
The System - i wanna be your lover
TKA - you are the one
Timmy Gatling - help
Full Force - friends b4 lovers
Finest Hour - make that move
Flame - on the strength
Anne G - heart donor
Entouch - all nite
Dean Edwards - please come back
D'Atra Hicks - sweet talk
Eric Gable - love has got to wait
Deluxe - just a little more
Guy - don't clap just dance
The Good Girls - love is like itching in my heart
Cherrelle - affair
Guy - spend the night
The Gap Band - addicted to your love
Sharon Bryant - foolish heart
Eric Gable - remember the first time
Foster McElroy - around the world in 80 beats
10dB - i second that motion
Full Force - ain't my type of hype
Finest Hour - you know how i like it
Tashan - save the family